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the rhetoric. >> do you think, mr. murray, that barack obama, the president of the united states, his being in boston, him being up there on the stump, is that going to help? is that really going to wake up those who might think, wait a minute, we've got to go vote on news. >> i think it does. it brings attention to how important this race is. and what is at stake. literally the agenda of the president. you showed senator kennedy and he's someone who is strong in his beliefs and fought for it. but he also was able to reach out to the no child left behind and in certain areas. isn't it unfortunate that other americans haven't been able to offer that compromise that senator kennedy offered to former president george bush on issues of education and other types of things? we've got a republican minority that is really trying to obstruct the will of the voters and no one knows more about this than you do. where does the middle class and pushing all of the same rhetoric that dick cheney and george bush did for so many years? >> barack obama hasn't done anything to eliminate the middle class in ma
in the history of the united states in the last administration after we got hit on 9/11, we had to form the department of homeland security because all of these agencies -- the cia, the fbi, the national security agency, local law enforcement, nobody could talk to one another. so here we are. did that work? did that really work or was this just the due diligence of american bureaucracy just not working? what happened here? oh, but we got to pin it on obama. we can't wait to pin it on him because he's weak on terror. you know, when this is all washed out, we are going to find out -- and we'll dig out the sound bites because they're in the archive. i remember joe lieberman, oh, we just have to have the rearrangement of government so we can protect america. i remember all that. i remember dick cheney coming out and saying that we have to do this because we're going to get hit again, that we just -- well, can we just say this? we kind of got lucky on christmas day, that there were some people that got after it and it was a failed attempt? but we knew about the red flags, we had the intel, i
of the other agencies that are dealing with this unbelievable human tragedy. >>> the united states government has launched a massive recovery effort. america is doing the heavy lifting to help our neighbor. for more, let me bring in senator robert menendez. he chairs the foreign relations subcommittee that oversees u.s. aid. senator menendez, nice tough with us tonight. >> thank you, ed. and i wish it was a different -- a different topic we would be discussing. absolutely, sir. i know these are tough times. urgently what do we need to do as america right now? what do they have to have? they have to have everything, we are rebuilding a country right now, but as this relief effort has taken place what strikes you at this hour? >> well, at first, let me just say thoughts and prayers are with the haitian people and their families. many here in new jersey and throughout the united states. and what we are doing in the first instance, this is search and rescue, still with the hope and aspiration of saving lives. and those who are under the rubble, those who maybe trapped, as well as taking care of t
on a united states bound plane for detroit, right? he's got explosives in his underwear. now we're in he path down culture. how far can we feel somebody up in an airport. dick cheney couldn't be happier about all of this, for some reason. can he be described as anything other than gloating? that's where cheney is. he claims the criticism comes from reading the national security brefs and knowing how many threats are out there against the united states. what a bunch of bull. here are cheney's own words. why doesn't president obama want to admit we're at war, cheney says? because if he does it -- because it doesn't fit with what seems to be a goal of his presidency. social transformation, the restructuring of american society. think about that. social transformation, restructuring of america society. folks, you know what that is? that is tea party talk, is what that is. obama's domestic policy agenda has absolutely nothing to do with a guy going through airport security in amsterdam. but cheney is, again, going after the president of the united states with his old pack particulars, attacking ba
the full support of the united states and the urgent effort to help those trapped beneath the rubble and to help with the humanitarian relief. in that effort, our government is specially usaid and the departments of state and offense are working closely together and with our partners are haiti, the region, and around the world. >> this is the worst earthquake to hit haiti in 200 years. joining me now from the state department is spokesman p.j. crowley. i'm sure americans are wondering if there's going to be international help here. what kind of communication has taken place between the state department and other countries in this massive relief effort? >> well, support for haiti is already an international effort with the united nations and assets from a number of countries. the united states and others will continue to flow systems to haiti. as rapidly as we can get it there for the united states we have put on the ground an assessment team, what are the priorities as we move through the next couple of days. as the president has said, our usaid administrator said, our focus is savin
position to be in as president of the united states. tomorrow night he has to say to the american people, you made the right bet. >> i agree. coming out of that he could be like bill clinton in 1995. he could show the country he really got the message that was delivered. >> both sides need to show we've learned a lesson, when we screwed up, when we were in large we blew it. >> wait for governor mcdonald to announce the republican party and eight years of horrendousness. >>> thank you. join us tomorrow night with a preview of the state of the union. lots of information to give you before the speaks right here on msnbc. >>> right now it is time for "the ed show" with ed schultz. >>> good evening, americans, and welcome to the ed show tonight, live from the nation's capital. hitting my hot buttons tonight. the white house is making a huge deal about a spending freeze. do you really think the middle class families care about that right now? or is it a job? >>> the fake pimp who brought down a.c.o.r.n. just got busted by the fbi for trying to wiretap senator mary landrieu's office in louisian
for them if he gets in the united states senate? he has no plan when it comes to health care. he wants to be like the rest of the jokers in the republican party and just be an obstructionist, say no to everything, start all over, of course. he wants to be the 41st vote against health care. now that's not what this election should be about. ted kennedy's wife, vicki, put it perfectly. >> ted always said, elections are about the future. they're about moving forward. they're about taking action. they're not about saying no. >> you know, that is so to the point. would you go out and vote because "i just don't like the way things are!" or would you go out and vote because you know what direction your candidate is going to take and what the agenda is going to be? saying no, saying no is what the republicans have done all year, it is what scott brown is going to do, be in lockstep with the mitch mcconnells of this world. they're all about destroying barack obama and change in washington. massachusetts, we're headed in the right direction with president obama's agenda. it is a heavy lift. but
-- >> not true. is justice alet toe suggesting that the president of the united states is a liar? panel, reaction to this. karen? >> maybe he is just wrong, although, you know what, i agree, i don't think special interests like big labor unions should be able to take over control of campaigns either, because, look they are really going to come out ahead with this ruling, right? they are going to come out great. but this whole thing is so disingenuous. president obama took a lot of big dollar donations. democrats in congress get a lot of money from banks and insurance companies, just like republicans get from banks and insurance companies. >> you side with alito on this? you think justice alito was correct on this? obviously, he had the vote. >> i think that justice alito just couldn't hold back what he knew was just a factual inac ras i is. >> the whole spectacle here is just shameful. i mean, last week it was judicial activism. this week, it's sort of juvenile pranks and disrespectful behavior, frankly. i have to say, i sat there thinking of -- >> people disrespectful to george bush for eight ye
hitting my hot buttons. the president of the united states took on the republican critics at their retreat today. president obama was absolutely outstanding today. every progressive needs to see this. this is a guy you voted for. republican lawmaker joe barton was in the room and he'll be joining me in just a minute to talk about it. it looks like the administration is scrapping plans to try the alleged mastermind in lower manhattan. plus, osama bin laden is criticizing america on climate change. lizz winstead will take a stab at that. >>> i think the big story tonight, the president going over to the retreat. the republicans made a mistake by inviting him to this retreat and letting the cameras actually take live this question and answer question. we're getting the truth now, folks. for an hour and a half, with no teleprompter, i might add, the president answered questions from members of the republican caucus on question after question, the president dismantled their talking points, exposed problems with their policies and pointed out their own hypocrisy, like when they've taken credit f
of this, was involved in the original piece of information about a nigerian coming to the united states as part of a holiday attack on the united states soil this means yemen and this is about a father who talked about his son in yes, ma'am hon had become radicalized. someone should have at least pulsed the system to put these two things together. i think at the end of the day you are going to find some human error, people working 14, 16 hours under very difficult conditions who did not put this together. to field and knit together diverse pieces of information that come in every day from all over the world. >> senator gordon, last thought, alack kifs involved perhaps in the fort hood matter and at the outset, we talked to jim jones, national security director said two strikes again the president, failure to act against the awlaki connection. the guy is still over there. are we facing a third attack from this guy, directed by him and wasn't addressed today at all in these briefings? >> of course we are. i want to go back to the information we got from lagos under the previous system was
in the united states before the quake, temporary status to live and work in this country for another 18 months. this morning, president obama spoke for 30 minutes with haitian president rene preval, who told him, "from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the haitian people, thank you, thank you, thank you." the fund-raising response here in the united states has been absolutely stunning, even in a tough economy, americans are ready and willing to help. more than $10 million has been raised through text messaging, and if you would like to donate, text the word "haiti" that's h-a-i-t-i to the number 90999 to make a $10 donation to the american red cross. we'll have much more on haiti coming up in this broadcast in this hour, and we'll have a special edition of "the ed show" tonight starting at midnight eastern time right here on msnbc. >>> but first the big political story of the day and there is a lot of political news out there tonight, they have obviously located the panic button in the white house. president obama will head to massachusetts on sunday afternoon to stump for endangered dem
here, john? >> the landscape is that barack obama would not be the president of the united states if it wasn't for the trade union movement. >> so they call markers on this? >> they sure should. ed, remember, they are not offering a single payer plan the future is is without a public option when you pass the bill. and they have every right and in fact they have a responsibility to defend the benefit packages that they have fought and died for. >> how much of an issue is this going to be for labor? would this be big enough to turn off labor support for the democrats? >> it's a big house of labor. understand that. but i can tell you this, there are some unions furious. the teamsters have been very, very outspoken on this issue and i can tell you something else. don't you think that come election time, republicans with toledo and flint, michigan, saying, remember what the democrats did to your health care package? >> it's a very bit of different turf. >> how much do you expect the progressives to push back once they pass the senate bill? >> it's madness. >> nancy pelosi cannot let th
bring in former comptrolle general of the united states, david walker. mr. walker is the author of a new book, "comeback america turning the country around and restoring fiscal responsibility." mr. walker, great to have you with us tonight. >> good to be back with you, ed. >> you bet. jpmorgan's ceo jamie diamond says he's tired of employees being vilified over bonuses. he says, "impea a little tired of the constantvillification of these people. this is not a casino." what's your response? >> obviously there is a lot of concern among the public with regard to very large bonuses being received by wall street especially with regard to some concerns that ended up taking taxpayer assistance. in some cases they paid it back but they didn't seem to learn much of a lesson. as you know, ed, my book's not about the current problems with regard to wall street, it is about the federal government's in worst shape than wall street and we are not doing anything about it. >> still, i want to get your take on this. this is mr. feinberg today, the pay czar, talking about these bonuses that are being paid
thought about this? we've got another brown ee in the united states senate. i can't get away from this story. he's got many on the left a bit shaken and questioning, hey, where's the party currently stand on a lot of issues? but this can be a lesson learned to prevent a much bigger problem in the upcoming november the one good thing, as long as there's an election between now and november, how do the democrats recover from this? >> well, that's why i feel it can be a blessing from disguise. as you said, there's a long time between now and november in political terms. and the thing about the job of the president, ed, is that you can never really prepare for it. so if the president is willing to learn from what happened last night and it can really be an amazing transformation. he can be the great president that we all ex equity being pekt him to be when there was this incredible excitement about his election and inauguration exactly a year ago today. what robert gibbs said about caring for the people left behind, words are not going to cut it right now, ed. it has to be action. he'
sthings simply ignoring that the senate of the united states has the ability to bring in the stakes. and on gres, which is elected to do this s. disingenuous. it's the banks charging those rates and it's not ben bernanke and i would go back to the congress of the united states. why hasn't congress blamed ben bernanke that something that he doesn't have the power to do. i mean, they are on a tight rope here. they are on a tight rope with the american people. >> they are on a tight rope and have not explained their situations clearly. it's a tight rope that they have put themselves on. you a is it and studying the things that went wrong, he's the right person to have there right now and recognize that he wasn't the person that barack obama wanted. he was the person that barack obama could find to do the best job. >> this is the perfect title for the subject that we're talking about. michael, do you go with ben bernanke? what do you think? >> yeah, sure. this is one where i support president obama and i do. because the one thing that the economy requires most of all right now is a litt
. and slowly but deliberately move forward. >> we're just not getting that. that's the president of the united states. so he's pivoting the jobs, he's in ohio, he's talking about the jobs and the effectiveness of the stimulus package and he's dealing with the own party that has a solid majority. we've got to take a pause. how do you win in that environment? >> look. sometimes you've got to put your face into the prevailing wind and just keep speaking and keep explaining. this can be done. we've had tougher challenges before on this. look, i want the president's hand, however, stronger on the tiller this time in the senate particularly. i want the house of representatives to be more transparent. we, ourselves, are pretty opaque even when i'm trying to find things out. this is about remembering, talking and explaining what needs to be done. thanks, ed. >> thank you. somebody call the doctor. the spin coming out of kennedy's mouth is making me diz zee. he's in the zone next. stay with us. fall apart. see, at&t let's you talk on the phone while you surf the web. [ clattering ] verizon...doesn't. a
in the united states senate have been doing. they have been requiring supermajorities on vote after vote after vote in an unprecedented way. we have never seen it in all of senate history, to have a minority insist on supermajority votes on item after item, using the so-called filibuster. and this has been done in a way we have never seen before. look, this is pure obstructionism. and they need to be called on it. >> senator, good to have you with us tonight. i appreciate your time. >> you bet. >> senator kent conrad with us. >>> the president last night had this to say about health care. he didn't get to health care until 32 minutes into the speech, but this is what the president had to say on that issue. here's what i ask congress, though. don't walk away from reform. not now. not when we are so close. let us find a way to come together and finish the job for the american people. let's get it done. let's get it done. >> how are they going to get it done in the white house telling me today that they recognize that reconciliation is a process, but i think that there is some real consternation
that the -- just warned that the president of the united states, the democrats are facing a loss of historic proportion. congressman joe courtney on a crusade against taxing your benefits. he'll tackle this one in the play book. stay with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new lexus gx. ♪ it has the agility to avoid the unexpected... ♪ ...the power to take on any mission, and the space to accommodate precious cargo, because every great action hero needs a vehicle. ♪ snits not. >>> it's not too late for you to let us know what you think. do you think harry reid's comment about barack obama was racist? text a for yes and b for no. results coming up. stay with us. [ female announcer ] olay regenerist is on a roll. new anti-aging eye roller. reduces puffiness immediately -- and also helps with lines and wrinkles. not surgery. this is our way to do your eyes. new regenerist anti-aging eye roller. yeah. would you like a pony ? ye ! ( cluck, cluck, cluck ) oh, wowww ! that's fun ! you didn't say could have a real one. well, you didn't ask. even kids know when it's wrong to hold ou
's exactly what they want to hear the president of the united states talk about today because that's what will get the economy rolling again. >> tom andrews and ron christie, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, ed. >>> i don't want understand why the president and democrats like evan is more concerned about bipartisanship than getting health care done. national car rental? that's my choice. because with national, i roll past the counter... and choose any car in the aisle. choosing your own car? now that's a good call. go national. go like a pro. now that's a good call. get wrapped up in the luscious taste of butternut squash, blended with delicate herbs. v8 golden butternut squash. from campbell's. a soup so velvety and delicious you won't be able to contain yourself. campbell's v8 soups. >>> welcome back to "the ed show." the only chance that democrats have on passing health care reform is to use reconciliation, but yet other democrats don't want to use it because it might prevent future buy part san ship. quote, my concern is that if reconciliation is used t. will destroy any prospe
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